What is AUDRA?

AUDRA is an eBook authoring application by HTech. It is a tool for creating eMagazines, audio dramas, photobooks and other digital books in epub format. Documents produced by AUDRA can be viewed using the Audra App, available in iOS and Android. AUDRA is designed to help authors and publishers create epub versions of the same and make it available for mobile publishing, sharing or selling online.


Make fashion magazines. Do-It-Yourself tutorials. Complete your travel journals with your photos and videos. Publish your own music album. AUDRA can help you produce and share it around the world.


Generated comic eBooks. Novels, short stories, and graphic novels. You can bring your book to life and tickle your readers’ imagination by adding photos, audios, videos, and gifs to your content.


Create new learning materials with AUDRA. Make an interdependent and engaging textbook that will capture students’ thoughts and take learning to a new level.


AUDRA can be a great tool to innovate business materials like brochures, posters, menus, and manuals into more appealing content to captivate your employees and customers imagination.

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