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Bootleg - a music album presented in new media done entirely in AUDRA's epub creator. The eBook contains a combination of different formats of art such as: artwork of the album; several photos and information about the artists; lyrics; the audio recording and MTV.

The album includes the following songs:

"Happy People" by Flippin Soul Stompers
"I Work Hard For a Living" by Flippin Soul Stompers
"Celestial Being" by Hereswith
"Peach" by Identikit
"Josephine" by Ivan Theory
"Piece by Piece" - Ivan Theory
"FastForwarding" - Juniper Face the Corner
"Finding Atlantis" - Mad Hatter Day
"A Seranade" - Nestoration
"From Ashes to Dust" - Team! Flash Back


new way to listen and appreciate music and artist

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